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Hi, I'm Erin. I left my fancy corporate career to help you become more successful.  It's as simple as that.

I'm an organizational psychologist

I can transform your business, boost your mindset and show you how to become the best in your industry through innovation & big thinking.

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Our team is waiting and ready to help you knock out your project list. We can literally do it all and are experts in the online business space!

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Serious about business?  I am.  I'm so serious about business, that I've dedicated my professional life to helping female entrepreneurs become powerhouse CEOs. To support their families and become a present parent. To live a lifestyle they deserve. To become wealthy and knowledgeable about money. 

When I work with clients, we become business partners.  I will guide and education you on exactly what steps to take to grow your business.

If you're looking for an experienced entrepreneur to guide you towards major success, while also honoring your mind-body connection to this business, I'm your girl.  When working together, you can expect that I will quickly become your biggest cheerleader and supporter in the expansion and revenue overhaul of your business.

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You can have the life you want. Your reality is literally yours to create. Make it a good one.

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NEWS: Due to the volume of inquiries Erin receives, she can no longer offer free discovery calls. If you need business advice, please book a single consulting session or one of the consulting programs. 

Media/PR/Booking: info@independentshe.com