What is drop shipping all about, and why you should invest (like, NOW!)

What is drop shipping all about, and why you should invest (like, NOW!)

January 23, 2018

Drop shipping.  Have you heard about this?

Alright lady, so you know how I'm a sucker for running multiple businesses and keeping a constant, diverse stream of revenue coming in?  

Well, drop shipping offers the perfect blend of business and hands-free logistics, that allows ME (and many others) to make extra cash while easily managing my life and other businesses.

So what is drop shipping? 
It's basically when you setup an online eCommerce store and all of your products "live" at a 3rd party location. When you get an order on your site, the other party ships it to your customer for you. 

Why is this business model so special?
+ It requires zero cash upfront in the purchase of inventory, overhead, storage, shipping, etc.
+ You can literally sell just about anything you want in your store.  Pick a niche, build a brand and community and watch your profits soar!
+ It can run without your constant supervision. 
+ You can add a drop shipping storefront to your service-based business!

If you want to hear more about this and my own personal experience (I am running 4 drop ship businesses right now; the biggest is www.heels.com, which we've recently converted to a 85% drop ship model) -  check out the two videos below!

Video 1:  What is drop shipping and why am I loving it.
Video 2:  What you need to get started with a drop ship business.

Alright, so this sounds cool and all - but how do you get started?

What are the tricks to make this a successful business and not just another bad investment?

How do you find these suppliers?

Well, because I'm so PUMPED about drop shipping - I'm offering a special program for anyone who's interested in learning more and getting their shop up and running (in just 30 days!).  It's not even on the website yet - I'm offering it to YOU first!

Phase One: 2-hr drop shipping training: $395 
...and if you're still serious about drop shipping after this training, sign up for >>
Phase Two: With my support, we'll setup your drop ship business, build your brand, select and import your products and launch within 30 DAYS!  $2,018 (apply your Phase One fee of $395 toward the program cost!)

Ready to add another source of passive income to your portfolio? I thought so.  This is a big girl move, that gets you closer to big girl money.

I'm happy to help, so send any questions my way.  I'd love to introduce this drop shipping business model to you and help you set one up that is destined to ROCK!

Email me anytime, lady - erin@independentshe.com

PS - Mostly men have capitalized on this business model so far. It's time for the ladies to jump in and make some waves!

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